The Cage Man is the Strong Arm of Security

Providing high-quality, cost effective property protection products

Cage Man provides high quality, cost-effective commercial and residential air conditioner cages.

What better way to know your air conditioner unit is secure than with our custom designed cages? Each product is made with care. Cage Man cages are custom built, fully assembled, quality checked and professionally installed.

AC unit and copper thefts have steadily increased throughout the United Sates. We want to ensure that our clients not only stay cool but also have a peace of mind. By properly protecting air conditioner units with Cage Man, our clients can rest on the commitment that we are THE STRONG ARM OF SECURITY!

The Cage Man can help:

  • Residential Homeowners
  • Property Managers
  • Real Estate Investors
  • Public Housing Entities
  • Builders – Contractors
  • Multi-Family Housing Properties

The benefits of being secured:

  • Visible and physical tamper deterrent
  • Protection against natural disaster damage
  • Cost-Effective – Saves you money and time on costly repairs and replacements


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